Huli Freight Forwarding

Your Shipping Logistics Coordinator

As one of the top freight forwarding companies in Canada, we work with a worldwide network of shippers and other freight broker companies to facilitate the transport of commercial goods across international borders.


Operating out of Calgary, we are your trusted partners for the safe, secure, and efficient transport of commodities from all major cities in Canada to ports across North America and worldwide.


We negotiate and coordinate shipments by land, air, and sea, and we work with businesses to ensure needs are met based on budgets, deadlines, or a combination of the two. As a Canadian freight forwarding company, we are experts in identifying needs and finding suitable solutions. We ship products worldwide, including full-container loads (FCL) and less-than-container loads (LCL).


At Huli, we pride ourselves on responsiveness and excellent communication. We liaise with shipping lines on behalf of our commercial clients to ensure a proper understanding is held by all parties involved. In the case of delays or issues, we do our best to mitigate risks and manage disputes.

Our Canadian Freight Forwarding Services


From exporting a pallet or two to an entire container, ocean freight shipping is the most cost-effective option for overseas delivery. Working with our network, we manage and oversee the logistics of your shipment.


Air shipments are the fastest option, but depending on the target country, they may be quite expensive. If the speed of delivery is what matters most for your business, we can handle your air freight needs from port to port.


When shipping products across the US border, we work with a number of ground shipping lines to ensure your delivery arrives swiftly, safely, and securely at its destination, from partial loads to full trucks.

Trust Huli For Your Freight Forwarding Needs

You can count on Huli’s freight forwarding services. We build relationships with our customers and partners worldwide to make your shipping process as streamlined as possible.


There are often several variables beyond our control, but that doesn’t mean our service stops there. We carefully coordinate the details and make arrangements with multiple shipping lines to find the one that works best for you. We remain informed along the way, so if an issue arises, we’ll be the ones to jump in and solve it. Not only does our approach help to save you money in the end, but it also mitigates the risks associated with shipping products overseas.


We are passionate problem solvers and pledge to care as much about your business as you do. Whether you need assistance with insurance documents or customs clearance, our freight broker company is here to help.

While hiring a Canadian freight forwarder is mandatory for the import and export of goods to and from Canada, Huli takes the experience to new heights.

Proudly Serving Canadian Businesses

We offer freight forwarding in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver – Canada’s main urban hubs. As a Canadian-owned and operated business, we recognize the challenges, benefits and opportunities of operating in the True North Strong and Free. As we support the expansion of Canadian companies to world markets, our freight forwarding company plays a vital role in communicating with freight forwarders in other markets as well as various shipping lines to ensure swift, secure and seamless deliveries. Accessibility, attentive service, and agile solutions are hallmarks of every successful Canadian business, including Huli. Together, we can help to show the world why Made in Canada makes more sense.

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Check out what a few of our many satisfied customers have to say about us.
"Huli staff is very professional and guided me through the cargo preparation and shipping process all the way to receiving a tracking number and ETA for cargo arrival.

The process was smoth and intuitiveand I really enjoyed working with them.

Thank you Huli Shipping. Will come back for more business in the future. :)"
George Smith
"Definitely recommended! Dianne and Marose were very helpful throughout the whole process, guiding me clearly on the necessary requirements. Communications were greate and price is fair."
Leonard Davin Solihin
"I have had an amazing experience with everyone that I dealth with in this company. Olga Zelenska have been very nice to us. She's always on top of things. Very friendly and professional. I will recommend Huli Shipping anyday."
Daya Banga
"Great cusomer service. Caring staff.
I would recommend this company to everyone!"
Kamila Borutova
"Very professional and well mannered. Was treated excellent and every step of the process was explained clearly to us with no surprises. Would recommend definitely."
Jason Friesen
"A very reliable service provider with great communication. We used Huli for an air freight from Calgary to Europe. The shipment was securely palletized and delivered on time as promised."
Sutharshini Rasathurai
"Very good service from Huli Shipping, very professional and efficient. Oh, and very good response time. Made it a breeze freighting my shipments in a safe and securely palletized manner. Will use their services again."
Franklin Nze
"I had an amazing experience with this company, and I can highly recommend Huli Shipping to anyone who is looking to send shipment overseas. They are reliable, professionals who will take cre of you all the way! Thank you to the entire team, and special thanks to Dianne, who guided me and answered all my questions!"
M. K.
"These people are so dedicated to their work. Everything you need they are there for answer your questions, helping to manage your belongings, packing, transporting, etc. I recommend them 100%."
Jose Mendez-Free
"Huli Shipping has serviced our clients with the upmost professionalism and probably the best service I have ever dealth with. Peter knows what to do and always gets what I need shipped no matter what it is around the world! Thank you.
Jonathan Francis
Excellent customer service - seamless from start to finish. Thank you guys so much! Dianne and Marose were outstanding."
Jennie T.
"Huli staff were excellent, they were very responsive and worked hard to ensure that everything was addressed. Pickup and shipment prep was completed as promised and well documented. Good value!"
Celene Runham

Supporting the Canadian Supply Chain

As we consider supply chain trends for the future and the changes within the global economy, we can help ensure a place for Canadian-made products. It’s anticipated that an ongoing driver shortage will cause problems in distribution and delivery, especially for poorly planned logistics companies. But at Huli, we are experts at staying ahead of the curve. We anticipate issues before they occur and plan ahead to ensure consistency and seamlessness.


While there is a push towards automation within the supply chain, we believe there is no substitute for human connection and intuition. We effectively plan and oversee every aspect of your shipment, which may include speaking with multiple shipping lines and reaching out to our diverse partnerships at international ports around the world. Because we have a well-established network, business owners can have peace of mind that their products will be taken care of until they reach the final destination. We are the first to pick up the phone and jump into action if any issues arise. Trust our shipping forwarders to have your business’s best interests at heart.

Our Process For Commercial Freight Forwarding

Every project begins with an estimate and detailed quote. From simple pallet shipping to full container loads, we’ll provide a full detailed price. Unlike other freight forwarding companies, our prices are comprehensive and there are no hidden fees or added costs down the road.

We take care of communicating and liaising with our partners, including freight forwarding companies in the receiving country and the selected shipping line. We’ll arrange for the pick up of your product from your location and we oversee the process until the shipment arrives at your destination.

We also assist with clearing your product for import or export. We meet with business owners one on one to discuss the proper documentation and ensure that the merchandise is cleared. We can complete and submit paperwork on your behalf, ensuring a seamless process.

We also assist with clearing your product for import or export. We meet with business owners one on one to discuss the proper documentation and ensure that the merchandise is cleared. We can complete and submit paperwork on your behalf, ensuring a seamless process.