Get Your Goods to Market With Freight Forwarding in Toronto

Our freight services in Toronto aim to connect your products and goods to the global market. With a guarantee for safe, secure, and on-time shipments using our worldwide network, Huli Freight is your choice for freight forwarding in Toronto.


Our company is the way forward in all matters of pallet and container shipments as we provide our clients with services to make the export of substantially sized goods seamless and accurate.


We produce consistent and faultless results when it comes to overseeing the export and import of large freight. By filling out the required documentation for clients and working directly with the other freight forwarder to monitor the customs clearance process, Huli Freight remains distinct from other freight forwarding companies in Toronto.

Our Toronto Freight Forwarding Services


From exporting a pallet or two to an entire container, ocean freight shipping is the most cost-effective option for overseas delivery. Working with our network, we manage and oversee the logistics of your shipment.


Air shipments are the fastest option, but depending on the target country, they may be quite expensive. If the speed of delivery is what matters most for your business, we can handle your air freight needs from port to port.


When shipping products across the US border, we work with a number of ground shipping lines to ensure your delivery arrives swiftly, safely, and securely at its destination, from partial loads to full trucks.

Serving Toronto’s Key Industries With Freight Forwarding

At Huli, our freight forwarding services are aimed at key industries in Toronto that rely on exporting and importing goods to and from Canada.


Large and essential industries in Toronto can depend on our freight forward services more than any other in the city, as we abide by the tight timeframe of shipping and stringent budget restrictions, providing services tailored to the specific industry needs of our clients.


We work closely with industries such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, technology, manufacturing and retail, and biotechnology as we manage international freight shipping. Our open communication and innate ability to proactively solve problems make us a top choice for many small and medium-sized businesses across a range of industries.


Toronto is a hub of innovation and enterprise, where industries are built from the ground up and flourish through hard work, and we can guarantee that we will work to progress your company so you can continue to thrive as we handle the logistics of your commercial shipments.

Vehicles are one of Ontario’s main exports, including medium and large-sized cars and other vehicle parts and accessories. At Huli, we have years of experience facilitating the long-distance shipping of vehicles.

Pharmaceutical products, including prescription and miscellaneous medications, antibiotics, and contraceptives, are manufactured in Ontario and then shipped worldwide. At Huli, we work with small and medium-sized businesses to get Canadian-made products to market.

While vehicles and pharmaceuticals are two of the main manufactured exports, Ontario is home to a variety of manufacturing plants. Some other manufacturing focuses include machinery and equipment, and electronics.

Ontario is a large producer of nickel, gold, copper, and platinum. These metals are often used for other manufacturing purposes within the province, such as automotive and technology manufacturing. However, these commodities are also shipped in raw form.

Going Beyond For Toronto Based Businesses

Freight Forwarding & More

As the Canadian Freight Forwarder, you can always rely on, Huli Freight Forwarding proudly serves Canadians in numerous provinces and large cities, including Toronto. We offer our vast amount of network resources to Toronto-based businesses to utilize when needed and will handle the complexities of the supply chain and the general logistics of coordinating long-distance shipments, so you don’t have to. Our outstanding freight forwarding services attract individuals and businesses alike in the Toronto area, where we always offer clear communication and conducive solutions to any problem relating to commercial shipments. Serving Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton, Vaughan, Kitchener, Kingston, and up to Ottawa, we go beyond for Ontario-based businesses.

Customs Clearance
Insurance Claims
Temporary Storage

Why Businesses Need Freight Forwarding Companies

Handling the logistics side of commercial shipping is often complicated and can be an additional hardship that Toronto-based businesses shouldn’t have to undertake alone. Huli Freight will serve as your logistic resource for all tasks relating to commercial shipping, and we are dedicated to handling international and domestic shipments with unmatched efficiency and professionalism.


We use our experience, networking contacts, and professional knowledge to offer you strategic plans to accurately facilitate shipments from one destination to another without ever worrying about a shipment’s condition or location.


Our logistic services include communicating with our contacts at ports worldwide, assisting in filling out insurance documents, submitting documents for customs clearances, and contacting other international freight forwarders to ensure your shipments are cleared at customs without issue. All of this will culminate in the safety and security of your export, arriving in pristine condition without any delay.