International Freight Forwarding

There is no international freight forwarding service that goes above and beyond for businesses and individuals like Huli Freight Forwarding. We pride ourselves on professionally facilitating commercial shipments to get to their designated location, undertaking the diligent work to get a shipment from point A to point B on time and without any sustaining damage on the shipment. We offer services to alleviate the headache of general shipment logistics and execute successful strategies to ensure flawless deliveries of commercial shipments worldwide.

Customs Clearance

Part of what we can guarantee at Huli Freight is handling logistics to avoid an elongated wait at customs. To attain this clearance so a shipment arrives on time, we fill out and submit the documentation required and also have contact with other freight forwarders to ensure your shipment is properly and securely cleared.


Insurance Claims

To make sure your shipment is completely secure in every way, Huli Freight provides advice in relation to insurance claims, processing, and dispute resolutions, as well as offering comprehensive insurance on cargo to protect your assets that are being shipped. You won’t find the insurance process daunting with our help and close guidance when needed.



Packaging & Crating

When a shipment needs to be packaged and crated, you can be assured that at Huli Freight, we will make every effort to secure a shipment using protective packaging to keep any item preserved. Our crating will offer an additional layer of security to the shipment as it travels by land, air, or sea and will arrive at its destination completely unscathed.

Temporary Storage

To further keep a shipment protected and secured before it is exported, Huli Freight offers temporary storage. Storage will be tailored to the size of the shipment and keep it in one place before it is officially taken by land, sea, or air to its designated location.




Here at Huli Freight Forwarding, we will happily fill out the proper documentation that is needed for importing commercial goods. We will communicate with you about what information needs to be placed on these documents and paperwork. We will then subsequently submit the documentation and work with another freight forwarder to make sure the shipment goes through customs without delay.