Expand Your Business Beyond Borders With Freight Forwarding in Calgary

With freight forwarding in Calgary, we can help your business expand and reach its full potential. Whether you plan to ship and sell products in Asia, Europe, or even just across north America, Huli is here to help you create a detailed shipment plan.


You have a plan for your product. Whether you’re a newer business concerned about staying within a budget or you want your goods to hit international shelves as soon as possible, we work with a network of companies worldwide to map out the best route for your commodities based on what’s most important to you.


We have the best rates for freight forwarding services with no hidden fees or added costs. As a company, Huli is transparent, agile, and innovative, with the best customer service guaranteed.

Freight Forwarding Services in Calgary


From exporting a pallet or two to an entire container, ocean freight shipping is the most cost-effective option for overseas delivery. Working with our network, we manage and oversee the logistics of your shipment.


Air shipments are the fastest option, but depending on the target country, they may be quite expensive. If the speed of delivery is what matters most for your business, we can handle your air freight needs from port to port.


When shipping products across the US border, we work with a number of ground shipping lines to ensure your delivery arrives swiftly, safely, and securely at its destination, from partial loads to full trucks.

Serving Calgary’s Key Industries With Freight Forwarding

Calgary is a hub for many key industries, including oil and gas agriculture, mining, and more. At Huli, we cater to small and medium-sized businesses in Calgary, but through our network, we are able to accommodate the needs of companies of all sizes.


As Canadian freight forwarders, we are passionate about bringing Canadian companies to the world stage and ensuring that Canada-made products are fully integrated into the global supply chain.


Certain goods and commodities may have additional or unique requirements for international customs declaration. We are knowledgeable about the guidelines for importing and exporting products for commercial use and will handle all documentation on your behalf, ensuring your products clear customs. Our careful coordination and planning help to eliminate delays. If issues arise, we are agile and flexible enough to find a solution.

The transportation, storage, and delivery of oil and gas related products, materials and commodities requires the specialization of highly-skilled individuals. Take advantage of our global network to ensure a seamless shipment.

We can help with the the transportation of coal, ore and other mined commodities as well as the shipment of equipment and machinery. We assist with a full range of logistics coordination services and ongoing support.

Alberta is a top producer of wheat, canola, and other crops. A freight forwarder can help coordinate the transport of farmed goods from the field to cities and markets around the world.

Have you developed a new good or product? Introduce your product to the international market with the help of Huli. We have the skills and experience to handle the transportation of tools, accessories, electronics, and other products.

Minimize risk and maximize efficiency by choosing Huli as your freight broker in Calgary. We oversee the transport and shipment of Canadian commodities across international borders.

Going Beyond For Calgary Based Businesses

Freight Forwarding & More

Businesses require the help of a freight forwarding company to coordinate overseas shipments and the import and export of Canadian goods. At Huli, we offer so much more than that. Whether you’re shipping goods to Japan or Brazil via cargo plane or ship, we can help. We go above and beyond providing cargo insurance, help with customs clearance, packaging, crating, documentation and even temporary storage as needed. If your situation changes or issues arise, we adapt, innovate, and solve quickly and efficiently. We truly want your business to succeed, so unlike many freight companies in Calgary, we’ll answer the phone when you call. We pride ourselves on being accessible and transparent. Huli is the only call you need to make for full-container load or partial pallet shipping.

Customs Clearance
Insurance Claims
Temporary Storage

What it Means to Be Your Shipping Logistics Coordinators

At Huli, freight forwarding in Calgary means more than making a few phone calls. We believe in a full, forward-thinking approach to logistics coordination.


We begin with a detailed and transparent quote as we begin all necessary paperwork and documentation on your behalf. As appointed, we will pick up your shipment from your location, wherever it is in Calgary or the surrounding areas.


We arrange shipment via air, ocean or ground with our network of shipping companies, ensuring the best possible route and timeline, all while saving you time and money.


Our care and attention span the entire timeline, from initial contact through to final delivery and even beyond, and our team has a specialized and highly attuned expertise for navigating the complexities of international shipments, from customs clearance to insurance to documentation.


Contact Huli Freight today and allow us to exceed your expectations.